For those holidaying with their dog(s), we would be immensely grateful if you could observe the:

Crosswoodhill Dog House Rules for Steading Cottage, Orlege and The Wing.

If you bring your pets on holiday with you, we assume it is because they are part of the family and you accept that it may restrict how and where you spend your time. Some pets, totally happy to be left on their own back at their real home, have surprised their owners by becoming really quite distressed about being left in a strange house. The dogs then, in turn, distress those within earshot at Crosswoodhill.


1. Our Terms of Let state that dogs are not to be left alone at any time in the accommodation. Occasionally, and always following discussion, we may relax this rule allowing guests to leave them unattended “at home” for half a day ( a maximum of 4 hours ideally ) provided they are shut in the porch at the Steading, the downstairs bathroom in Orlege or the ground floor in the Wing, with their needs remembered ( comfort, food, drink, temperature.) Unless your dog has been left within an individual “crate” that they are used to and we have inspected, a £100 cash deposit, payable before the event, will be required if any pets are to be left alone, by agreement, at any time. This £100 will be returned at the end of the stay if no damage has been caused to the property. However if it is evident that your dog has become distressed about being left at home, barks a lot, or our property appears to be “at risk”, please accept that this privilege will be withdrawn and the dog owner / guest will be responsible for paying in full for any damage sustained to the property. If you have a mobile phone, leaving us the number for emergency situations would be helpful ( and please keep it switched on ). And please tell us the name of your pet(s).

2. Please keep your pets off the furniture and remove any animal hairs from the rugs, floorboards, etc. before you leave. (The cylindrical vacuum cleaner, with attachments for upholstery, is useful for this )

3. Please do not allow any dogs upstairs, on the beds or chairs. Please bring your own dog-beds/baskets.

4. Please keep your dog under strict control at all times and accept any liability for any damage caused. Please be aware that if you leave your dog unattended in the house and it chews and swallows a foreign body, this could be fatal. For this reason, if you have trained your dogs to accept a crate as a safe den, it would be ideal to bring a crate with you.

Outside: Many thanks for your help with all of this. Keep to the “rules” and dogs will love it here!

1. Because of the sheep, please no exercising in the fields, on or off the lead, unless we have signposted you, after arrival, to any empty-of-stock adjacent fields ( but please don’t rely on this) There is a very good picnic area one mile down the road on the A70 on the left hand side, just beyond the junction with the B7008 to West Calder. This offers dogs plenty of scope to scamper some distance off a lead.

2. Could you please use a poop scoop (supplied) in the garden and make sure that all offerings are picked up and disposed of into the black wheely bin. It is exceedingly unpleasant for guests following you to inherit a garden or woodland area contaminated with dog faeces.

3. Please oversee your dog’s voiding sessions and encourage your dog to urinate outside the garden in the woods at the back of the Wing, or in the wooded area to the front of Orlege or outside the gates of Steading Cottage. This is because unfortunately the ammonia in the urine burns the lawn, leaving unsightly patches which take weeks to disappear.

4. Please be aware of the following: Steading Cottage garden is enclosed, but athletic dogs could jump the surrounding stone walls and escape onto the road if not supervised. With Orlege, the patio area is not enclosed and an unsupervised dog could wander down the lane onto the road. The Wing of Crosswoodhill guests should be aware of woods at the back of their garden, where an adventurous unsupervised dog could eventually find its way onto the road or fall in a stream; also that our tenants of 30+ years in the middle section of the house kennel their deerhound dogs outside to the rear of the lovely garden that Wing guests pass through. But their dogs never roam unsupervised in the garden.

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