The VisitScotland Quality Assurance Scheme (or Star Grading System) is considered a world leader. It is used not just for accommodation, but also for a wide range of visitor attractions. Look for the oval signs, examples of which are shown below, as a logo that you can trust whether you are staying in a hostel, serviced accommodation, a self-catering property or visiting an attraction.

The Star Awards, as related to self-catering, focus on the standard and quality of welcome, hospitality, service and ambience of the accommodation as well as the standards of housekeeping.The award also takes account of the facilities provided. For example in a 5 STAR self-catering property you can expect to find a dishwasher. This appliance is not compulsory for a 4 Star self-catering property.

VisitScotland Star Grading System

VisitScotland Star Grading System

Using a scale of 1 - 5 Stars the Scheme provides the reassurance that you as a visitor need about what to expect before you arrive.

Before a grade can be awarded, all areas -- from the bedrooms and bathrooms to the living areas and kitchen -- have to score within the appropriate band of the overall grade awarded. ( For a 5 STAR property no item or area can score less than 8 out of 10 ). This means you are guaranteed overall quality, and you don't for example arrive to find a 5 Star house with a fantastic living area but a tiny bathroom you can barely squeeze into!

Our properties at Crosswoodhill are individually inspected annually and in great depth. The marks are added up to give a final score, upon which the Grade is awarded. The assessment is independent, impartial and objective.

To be sure of standards we recommend you choose Quality Assured accommodation displaying the VisitScotland star award oval symbol. Please note that the name Scottish Tourist Board will continue to be used for VisitScotland's Quality Assurance Scheme.

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